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                                           OSF St. Francis Hospital & Medical Group

We are happy to have been part of the program "Conversation About Suicide", sponsored by OSF St Francis Hospital & Medical Group,  at Bay College Auditorium.


                                               BDD TRAINING ASSOCIATES INC

BDD stands for Buckbee, Doyle, Dupont.  We work with social institutions like schools, criminal justice programs, community mental health professionals, hospitals and the like who deal with human beings often during difficult times. We also adapt our work to discuss the daily living issues like helping a business address the process of change and customer service. Our job is to look at and develop programs to help people address the constant changes and stress that comes with human interaction. The programs we design are built to focus on the needs of the institution so no two are alike just like the humans that occupy them.

Contact us at:  bddtraining@hotmail.com or sbuckbee@charter.net

BDD working in Prague at the 2007 International Family Therapy Association Conference.
BDD is perhaps the only active training triad in the world. They do training as it has seldom been experienced, they bring content, humor and safety to difficult topics.  They put their hearts and souls into the process of teaching about systems, all kinds, but at the center is the Human system.

We believe that each person is a unique manifestation of life and that we all go through a process of change as we grow as individuals and organizations. We design our teaching based on the needs of the client. We use models that adapt well to the exploration of systems, in particular human systems. We also provide short informational programs dealing with the complex process called change. We have been teaching together since 1988.

Some of the topics have included working with dementia, depression and aging, suicide and loss, community based alternatives to incarceration and alternative sentencing using community volunteers, self care for caregivers workshops, working with victim support services, end of life protocols for persons working with an aging community and communication workshops in a variety of organizations. We are also part of an annual program called the "Delta Force" which is a program for upcoming community leaders.
We have also done many programs for human service professionals teaching the methods and concepts put forward by Virginia Satir.
We have worked in the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Israel and China.

 A great group in Ostrava, Czech Republic. 2015. Workshop on the use of the Mandala in therapy.

We will be returning in October of 2017.

Satir and Addictions.
The use of Sculpting and Transformation of systems
Working with Divorcing Families

Spolek INSPIRACE – Institut pro transformańćní systemickou terapii


Working for Great Lakes Recovery in Marquette, Michigan the day this picture was taken.
On your left is Stephen Buckbee, Daniel Doyle and Michael Dupont

We started B.D.D. in 1988 when we began training Michigan volunteers who worked with children in secure and nonsecure holding facilities. The models we use are based in most part on the work of the late Virginia Satir, mentor and friend.

We enjoy working with human service workers, teachers and leaders from all walks of life who are looking for tools that work when addressing the process of change.

We invite you to sign our guest book. If you have feedback from a program leave a note in our guest book.

BDD has been part of Delta Force since 2003.

To learn more about the Leadership program go to


BDD supports  End the Silence a program born out of love and sorrow by parents who said "We want to help prevent this from happening to others."


Institute of Virginia Satir in the Slovak Republic, with the process of change poster. Photo was taken as part of the IHLRN and the Satir Global Network Conference in Prague 2014.

If you are interested in learning more about  Virginia Satir here is a link.  http://satirglobal.org/