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Always good to be appreciated. Students are great and the time well spent.
Thanks to the Delta County Suicide Prevention group for their work.

Dan, Mike, and Steve,
What a wonderful, inspiring presentation you gave yesterday about classroom management.  I loved how you referred faculty to our own policies!  You did so in a way that is much more effective than administration refers faculty to College policy. 
I also appreciated how you made it absolutely clear that classroom management boils down to the interpersonal skills of the person in charge of managing the classroom!  You did this with amazing performance and humor techniques, and plenty of examples and anecdotes.   I laughed out loud quite a few times at your antics and the way the three of you played off one another.
Your skill at making the audience members recognize their own human foibles was very clever.  Nothing like a little self-reflection, self-deprecation to put everything in perspective.  Your sharing of practical skills and language to use in the classroom was helpful, too.  I saw a number of people writing down particular expressions you gave the faculty to use.  Much of what you said is transferrable to other realms of life, of course.  Thank you, thank you. 
I feel as though I have been to a great, thought-provoking performance given by three very smart, talented gentlemen.   Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience.
You offered your power point presentation, and I would love to have a copy.
 Wendolyn Tetlow, Ph.D.
Vice President of Instruction & Student Learning
Bay de Noc Community College

 The training provided by Dan, Mike and Steve was very informative, interesting and to say the least enjoyable. The chemistry and choreography these three men displayed to their audience was definitely attention getting as they made this course entertaining yet serious. I would take another class in a heartbeat.

Manton Michigan
Attendant training for children  in secure and non-secure setting. RDSS

I have never attended a group training session before but the concensus among the group was that this (RDSS Training) was the very best. Steve Dan and Mike were outstanding in their presentation of the material...they kept me interested and absorbed for the entire two days. Leelanau Mi

Most enjoyable, information packed conference I have ever attended!
Probation Officer Lake County Michigan

BDD provided an informative educational and entertaining presentation. The topics and subject matter was relevant and helpful to court workers. The guys did a great job of involving the group in activities throughout their presentation. Great job!
Probate Court Mishawaka Indiana

I have been in education all my life this was the best three day training program I have ever attended. I would recommend these gentlemen without hesitation.
St Clair County

Shoreline~ 230 Ludington St, Escanaba, Mi 49829, www.deltami.org.  

     Vickie is taking this month off from writing this column to give readers a chance to hear first-hand about Delta Force, I am Alyssa Nugent, a former teacher, and I work for the Commerce Center. I first heard about Delta Force as a member of the Delta County Jaycees, Many Jaycees had participated in the past and spoke highly of the program, I didn't make the cut in 2010, having applied late and didn't think a lot about the program until April, when I was hired by the Commerce Center, I was able to photograph and interview participants on Education Day. Some folks hadn't been in a classroom in years, even decades, and were being allowed to reconcile the reality of education now with their memories of education past I was impressed that day when someone brought up a view she had picked up from a friend of a friend-that all teachers get their lesson plans from Google (For anyone wondering, we don't We research online, but lesson plans are a pretty involved process), I remember thinking how brave it was to voice that thought with all the educational experts in the room, but no one got angry or made fun of the idea, Instead, the group took that idea up and talked about it; they even began bringing up other views of what they thought happens in schools, and then learning about the processes and procedures from the facilitating professionals who work there every day. After hearing the conversations the group was having, I wanted to take part in the exercise-I'm a teacher at heart, and I'm a sucker for any opportunity to learn. Now, after just the opening weekend, I know that I'll have to confront some of my previous learning and beliefs about the world, too, to take in all that Delta Force offers.   On Friday night, the class of 2011 and its facilitators met at the Bonifas and enjoyed a dinner reception to meet each other, as well as learn a little about what would be expected of us this year, We created a circle of trust, sharing one secret each to begin a foundation together, and got a preview of the year's events. From my time in education, workshops like these are plentiful and it's easy to go in thinking you know what to expect-again, I was wrong. The facilitators are passionate and informed people with a wide breadth of knowledge to share. I was pleasantly surprised at how easily people gathered and talked, even at times when we were supposed to be working on something else. I enjoyed seeing this group of people who didn't know each other engaging in conversation without any expectation of who the other person is or what they have to say-just talking and listening as equals with the same goal of a better community.   On Saturday morning, we gathered at Bay College for opening activities with BDD Training. BDD Training is Stephen Buckbee, Daniel Doyle and Michael Dupont, all licensed social workers who have worked in varied counseling and human services giving them an interesting view of the human condition. BDD stands for Buckbee, Doyle, Dupont, and they describe their job as looking at and developing programs to help people address the constant changes and stress that come with human interaction. For someone in need of an influx of inspiration, as I was feeling when I committed to Delta Force, this day certainly met that need. The creative use of language and humor that these three pepper throughout their presentation got some muscles in my head moving that hadn't in some time, Judging by everyone's attention and laughter, that was a common feeling, Continuing on that feeling from Friday night of engaging each other just as we were, BDD encouraged us to meet all people in our lives where they are, not where we'd like them to be, They spoke about human behaviors as a collection of patterns, about the importance of being present and attending to one person at a time and how to treat each other better to enrich the lives of everyone. These three are very entertaining, and learning with laughter makes it easier to understand and retain ideas than dry information would be, They explained that "Nothing is so simple that it cannot be misunderstood," and that, "you cannot not communicate.” They reminded us not to "should" on each other (how's that for a turn of phrase?), bringing the old adage about only being able to change yourself to mind. After this session, I felt much more open to learning about my fellow participants and had an urge to sit around and keep the conversation going with everyone for hours. It was the type of learning that dared us to talk about it, to figureout where I am in each dimension of life and then speak with others about their achievements and positions in each dimension as well. I fear I haven't done the day the slightest bit of justice in this training alone was worth more than the time that I dedicated to it. BDD Training is available online at www.bddtraining.com. While the first "official" Delta Force day comes a bit too late for printing deadlines in Shorelines, I will get to describe the Disc assessment and Leadership Day for February, taking readers along for the 2011 Delta Force journey, For the beginnings steps of a long adventure, it was a promising, engaging start and has set my expectations for the year very high.