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Working on a triad puzzle in small groups. Ostrava, Czech Republic, 2015

Stephen Buckbee, taught and coordinated the "Human Services" for twenty-four years at Bay de Noc Community College.  
Stephen retired from teaching in 2007. He is partner in BDD Training and working part-time.  Prior to teaching Stephen worked has a social worker for Catholic Social Services, Alcohol informational and Referral working with families and addictions. He then worked as counselor for community mental health services housed the Delta county jail and then as an inpatient counselor on the substance abuse unit at Borgess Hospital in Kalamazoo. 
Stephen is a Licensed Master’s Social Worker and a Professional Counselor in the state of Michigan. He is a member of The Satir Institute of the Pacific and serves on the board of The Virginia Satir Global Network. He is a faculty member of the Banmen Satir China Management Center. He is proud of the work that BDD has done since 1988.

Daniel Doyle is a partner in BDD Training Associates. He is licensed  as a Master's Social Worker in the state of Michigan. He is an Adjunct Instructor with Bay College and Lake Superior State University in Escanaba, Michigan. He has a BA Degree from Lake Superior State University, and a M.Ed from Boston University. He was a Regular Army Officer and received an Honorable Discharge.  Dan was an Outpatient Counselor in the substance abuse and mental health field and was Director of the Tipton County Mental Health Center, Howard Community Hospital, Indiana. From 1985-2001 Dan coordinated Mental Health Emergency Services, and practiced as an outpatient therapist in Delta County Michigan. He also serves on the Delta County Suicide Prevention Task Force and the Citizens Advisory Board at St Francis Hospital and Medical Group. 

Michael Dupont is a partner in BDD Training Associates, an adjunct instructor at Bay Community College and the mental health/substance abuse counselor at Bay College. He retired as therapist from Pathways Mental Health Center in Escanaba, Michigan.He has a M.Ed. in Counseling and Guidance from Northern Michigan University. Mike is a Licensed Master's Social Worker and a Licensed Professional Counselor by the State of Michigan. Michael has over 35 years of clinical experience in the mental health and substance abuse field. Michael has worked as a Program Director and Outpatient Therapist in the substance abuse field for 16 years. Michael is licensed as a Certified Advanced Addictions Counselor(C-00790) by the Michigan Certification Board for Addiction Professionals and has demonstrated knowledge, skills and professional competencies for an Internationally Certified Advanced Alcohol & Drug Counselor(200865). He is a member and past board member of  The Satir Global Network. He is a clinical member of the Satir Institute of the Pacific. He serves as a review editor for the International Satir Journal published by the University of Victoria B.C.He serves on the Delta County Suicide Prevention Task Force.​

The picture above is from Delta Force Dinner for the class of 2016

We spend time on are various models, to teach and explore systems. Much of our work comes from Master Social Worker, Virginia Satir.  She was a huge influence in our lives at a personal and professional level. 
We call these concepts; The Mandala (dimensions of being human), The Process of Change, the Iceberg, Temperature Reading, and Styles of Communication.
We discuss and explore the application of these models/concepts to a wide number of work contexts. For example, our longest contract has been with the state of Michigan training community volunteers to be with children who are in what is called non secure holding settings. Often in the children are in crisis and we helpcommunities develop alternative to jail settings because of the nature of the events.
We also have a program which was developed by a community team called the "End of life protocals." It has been well received. It addresses the process of aging using all of the models above. It is a one day program.
 Our hope is that the reader can see that the concepts are adaptable and universal at a human level.

        The following is a brief summary of some services provided since 1988


"Three seminars - Use of family maps and elements of family reconstruction in therapeutic practice (in this seminar they prefer experienced therapist in TSTS and the therapist with MOVISA terminated psychotherapeutic training).Other seminars titled "Possibilities of working with a dependent client" and "Possibilities of family support in divorce situations".
Ostrava, Czech Republic.  2017

http://www.satirova.cz/o-inspiraci/UP 2nd Annual Suicide Prevention Conference 2017 Marquette,MI

U.P. Special Education Conference 2017, Keynote about the Process of Change.

"Use of the Mandala in a counseling setting' Hong Kong  2017

Delta Force Chamber of Commerce Delta County Leaders Program 2003-17 Sponsored by The Delta County Chamber, the Delta County Economic Development Alliance, Michigan Works!, the Daily Press and Bay College.

UP Emergency Services Conference.  Marquette Michigan Key note Self Care and the Process of Change. 2016

Inspirace – Institut pro TSTS, z.s Czech Republic. Three programs :Clinical uses of a tool called the "Mandala",  A look at self mutilation and suicide and a program focused on working with families that are in the process of Divorce.
2016 Head Start Early Childhood Education Conference, Marquette Mi. The process of change.

Transformational Systemic Therapy Conference. Becoming More Fully Human: The Evolution
Surrey, B.C.  2016

"Keeping it all together"  A workshop designed for School Secretaries. Feb 2016

UP Children's Coalition Marquette   March 2016  "Taking care of the Caretaker "

Uppertunities - A Professional Development, Business & Tourism Strategies Conference
70 minute program about customer service. 2016
Sponsored by Delta County Chamber of Commerce/ Bays de Noc CV

UP Children's Coalitions UP matters. Focus was taking care of the caregiver. 2016

 International Human Learning Resource Network. Overview of universals using the Satir "Mandala as a guide". 2015

Inspirace – Institut pro TSTS, z.s Czech Republic. Focus on clinical uses of a tool called the "Mandala" and self mutilation and suicide using the Satir Process Model.

Delta County Suicide Prevention Task Force 2015. "A Conversation About Suicide." We presented to four local high schools.

Michigan Sheriffs Association Victim Services Program 2015

Verso Corporation, topic Process of Change and communication. 2015

Nah Tah Wahsh PSA  Hannahville, "A conversation about Suicide"

Uppertunites Conference Marquette Michigan, topic Customer services.

IHLRN 2014 Conference Praque Introduction to the Mandala and counseling.

Delta Force Chamber of Commerce Delta County Leaders Program 2003-17 Sponsored by The Delta County Chamber, the Delta County Economic Development Alliance, Michigan Works!, the Daily Press and Bay College.

Virginia Satir Global Network Conference, keynote in Raleigh N.C.2013

The Virginia Satir Global Network 2011 Annual Conference and Meeting. Topic an overview of the Satir Mandala

 Wisconsin Serving Victims of Crime Conference - August 23-25, 2011- Wisconsin Dells, WI
"Bringing Light Into Dark and Surviving, an Exploration of Human Services and Self Care.”
US Department of Justice.

Great Lakes Recovery Recovery Centers,  Program with managers about the Process of Change.
Escanaba and Rapid River students for a program called "End the Silence" a program about suicide awareness.


17th Annual Great Lakes Native American Conference  2010 Mt. Pleasant, Michigan "Bringing Light Into Dark and Surviving, an Exploration of Human Services and Self Care.” This program focused on the process of change and coping with the demands of working with people, young and old, caught up in chaos and change. They will explore the costs of high stress occupations and finding the resources to prevent and recognize burnout.

Synergy for a Peaceful World Healthy Individual, Happy Family, Harmonious Workplace   

The world Family Conference Prague 2007 "The self Mandala, dimensions of being human" A model about the self and family systems. "Prague

2006 Crime Victims Workshop, Crime Victims Fund and Federal Service Awards Grant.

Seattle, Washington Conference Celebrating the 90th Birthday of Virginia Satir.

Council on Aging (Mandala and The Process of Change) - May 13 2005

Adoptive Parents, for Child and Family Services - March 19, 2005

Michigan Regional Detention Support Services Training - May 19-20 2005

"Satir in Today's World" Avanta's Satir Conference & Annual Meeting - July 29 - August 1, 2005 Mike Dupont presenter.

Order of St. Francis Hospital, Escanaba Michigan. Focuses on dealing with violence in the workplace.

The Michigan Office of Children and Youth Services, Regional Detention Support Services Training community volunteers to be with Status Offense minors in non secure detention facilities. 1987-2005

Balance and Restorative Justice Volunteer Training
"Connecting Hearts- Restoring Hope" Ogemaw County, Michigan

Delta County, Michigan, Department of Social Services (Now known as Families First of Michigan)

The Upper Peninsula Magistrates and Probation Officers
Luce, Alger, Mackinaw and Schoolcraft Michigan Public Health Department

The Sault Ste. Marie Inter-Tribal Council, the Keweenaw Bay Tribe.

Community Research Associates of Indiana,

Trainer of trainers from twenty seven states for a program about alternatives to incarceration of minors. We focused on training the people who are working in non-secure holding facilities. The contract was from the Michigan Dept. of Social Services working with local Probate Judges.

Alger-Marquette Community Action Agency

Annual meeting for parents of child with special needs.
Marquette-Alger Intermediate School District

Fox Valley Technical College School Liaison Officers Grant from the Office Of Juvenile Justice

The Warren and Detroit Michigan Police Juvenile officers

Cook County Ill. Probation and Parole Officers, Chicago Ill.

University Of Waterloo Canada Avanta Annual meeting(Computing and Process of Change)

The Manitoba Satir Institute (Family Therapy Models of Satir)

The Satir Learning Centers of Ontario Inc.
Upper Michigan Emergency Medical Services Corporation

Michigan Job Training Partnership
Family Education Program Managers Intermediate Schools
Provided services under contract for "Avanta The Virginia Satir Network" Israel, Myrtle Beach, San Jose, Waterloo, Canada.

The Proudfoot School of Hypnotherapy / Annual General Meeting of the British Society of Hypnotherapeutic Examiners, 1993,1997,1999 and 2004

Upper Peninsula Emergency Medical Technicians Conferences

Northern Michigan University Student Social Work Organization

Michigan Conference for parents of children with special needs.

Upper Peninsula Health Education Corporation, Michigan State University. Topic Dimensions of family systems.

Upper Peninsula School Nurses Association 2002

Delta Force Project sponsored by The Delta County Chamber, the Delta County Economic Development Alliance, Michigan Works!, the Daily Press, Bay College and Mead Westvaco, this community development program is designed to identify, nurture, educate and motivate emerging leaders and to involve them more actively in community affairs.
What we offer is a fast paced program often presented by three trainers in a powerful and humorous fashion. Programs will be tailored to the needs of the contractor.

'The style of three men presenting the content together is like watching a dance. I have never enjoyed a training like this'. (RDSS Attendant 2000)

2002 Award from the State of Michigan "In Appreciation for your years of outstanding service and dedication to the youth of Michigan" Regional Detention Support Services

"These guys should be in every school" RDSS Attendant

This is a picture of Stephen Buckbee working with a group in Shanghai, China in 2008 while working with the Banmen Satir Management Center of China.

In 2010 BDD presented a three hour program in Hong Kong to the world conference promoting the work of Virginia Satir.